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Myths and Legends

There are many myths and legends associated with web sites, here we hope to dispel the worst of these and point site owners in a direction which will allow them to generate the most out of their web sites.

Myth 1: A web site will make me rich. Not without a product or service clients want and that they know about.

Myth 2: SEO (through keywords and descriptions metatags) is how I will get top ranking at Google. It will help, but there is more:

  • Exchange links.
  • Content.
  • Good site design.

Myth 3: Anyone can build a web site - true, however most people want a successful web site. This takes time and considerable skill.

Myth 4: Great graphics designers can be build successful web sites - possible but to be successful a web site designer needs to understand business and marketing activity to get the most from a site.

Myth 5: Don't have a credit card merchant account so I can not take orders - false, there are alternative payment mean which might suit:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Bank or personal cheque
  • Accounts¬†

All of which with suitable business processes can be made to work safely to take on line orders.

Myth 6:  I need to be computer geek to have a web site for my business - false, are you a phone geek to answer the phone for your business.

Myth 7:  I don't need a web site for my business - unlikely, there was a time when business's didn't need a phone, however those days are long gone. Now not having a web site is handicap to successfully selling and promoting your product and services.

Myth 8: A web site is expensive - not true, suitable budgeting within a business plan will provide the means to develop a suitable web site for any business.

Myth 9: I need fresh content to get people to come back to my site. Not necessarily, in many cases you don't want people to come back to your site, you want them to complete the business then and there. If content is King, then functionality is Queen. Content may well draw people to you site, but if you want to complete a transaction then functionality needs to be spot on to allow client to complete the transaction with you. Remember a transaction can be more than just a sale:

  • Information exchange.
  • Lead presentation.
  • Resolution of a product or service issue.
  • add on sale.

Talk to us and see how we can provide you with a successful web solution.


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