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10 important web site Dos.

The following are 10 important things that a web site owner should do with regards to running a web site as part of their business. 

  1. Know what your site can do for your business. Is it possible to move beyond a brochure site?
  2. Invest in quality hosting, site design and build.
  3. View the site from your clients perspective, wear their shoes not yours.
  4. Use appropriate technology to enhance the value of your site to your clients, not because it is "fun" / "nice" / "latest".
  5. Use plenty of appropriate and relevant content. Use content as lead into product service offerings.
  6. Integrate site into your business, do not treat as an add on.
  7. Promote and market your site - do not rely only on people finding your site.
  8. Spell, grammar check your site and ensure quick downloads.
  9. Invest in some SEO.
  10. Monitor, review and adjust you site as required.


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