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10 Web site Do nots!

There are a number of things a web site owner should not do if their site is to be successful. The following are some of the more important ones.
  1. Do not scrimp on quality hosting and design.
  2. Do not build it yourself if you out source your brochure or stationary production. Building a site can be easy, however building a quality successful site requires considerable skill.
  3. Build your site for your clients - not just you.
  4. Do not forget to promote your site.
  5. Do not treat the site as an add on to your business, integrate it into your business.
  6. No not forget to check out what your competitors are doing on their sites.
  7. Do not use in appropriate technology, incorrect technology can serverly harm you site with poor customer perception or damage your SEO activity.
  8. Do not build a site without a plan or on going strategy for it's on going integration with business activity.
  9. Do not treat the site as a brochure, it is a real time changeable system which can be adjusted to suit todays needs.
  10. Do not forget your site, review and modify it as required.


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