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Aluminium Window Services

Aluminium Window Services had no web presence and noticed that their competition had established a web site with the ablity to sell some items. They therefore needed some form off on line presence to compete in that market, AWS have since expanded from a simple on line presence for company and product promotion to a full on line ecommerce solution.

4success started of by reviewing their business and considering what sort of on line strategy they needed to put in place. At first Dave Pickard was only "testing" the on line activity to see how it could fit into their business activity.

At 4success we proposed building a web presence by setting up a web site which was initially a company & product promotion site but setup from day one in such a manner it allowed easy expansion into an on line product catalogue and shopping cart. We considered carefully AWS's target market for SEO and focussed on "Aluminium window and door parts", the AWS site now gets top ranking in google for this search phrase.

Within six months Dave was ready to give an on line catalogue ago as AWS had only a limited product catalogue and needed a catalogue. So by producing an on line solution, this would in effect provide AWS with a product catalogue.

A product catalogue was added to the site and nearly 90 products were added. This allowed Dave to promote individual products to visitors, almost instantly there was an increased demand for his products, through people locating parts they required via his site. By exporting the products from the on line catalogue, 4success was able to also provide AWS with off line product catalogue in the form of an excel spreadsheet which Dave could distribute to his trade customers on CD.

Within a short period of time on line purchasing was enabled and although Dave had no credit card facilities, Direct bank debit, personal cheque and bank cheque payment options were provided. This has allowed orders to be processed on line. Paypal payment options to allow credit card payments will be installed soon to allow Dave to handle purchases with credit card without having to setup a credit card merchant account.

The product range had now been expanded to nearly 200 products and is supported by both an online ecommerce solution and off line product catalogue.


4success Ltd has added the "Joomla" Content Management System (CMS) support to it's list of web services. Read more about this....
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