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ACS on line booking system

Allied Chartered Sedans an executive transport company web site designed and developed by 4success in conjunction with pageup in August 2006, recently went live with an on line booking system. Allowing all their bookings both on line and off line to be managed by a internet based application.

Bookings made by phone, fax, or email are recorded and managed by an on line internet application. The booking tracking system allows the ACS to track and manage the booking by assigning drivers, costings and completion etc all via an web front ended administration system. The system allows reporting on booking status, driver activity and costing / invoicing via any terminal on the internet.

After extensive testing a web booking front end was added to the ACS web site, allowing clients to place their own bookings. The bookings are logged in the booking tracking system and processed by ACS, this results in a reduction of phone calls, faxs, or email handling by ACS booking staff allowing them to focus on managing the bookings. Clients receive confirmation of bookings by email in real time.


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