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SEO is the active practice of optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines and the chances a client searching for your product or service will find your web site. At 4success we are skilled in SEO and have achieved success for our clients in search engine ranking for appropraite targeted phrases.

There internet users who use search engines and directory services to find products and services they require. Therefore for a web site to be successful in promotioning a company's products and services, Search Engine Optimisation is therefore a key aspect of any web site. Many people believe that promotioning their company is the goal of SEO - this is only partially true, the ulimate goal should be promotion of your product and service as this the most likely thing potential customers are using search engines for.

Ideally SEO should be considered before a web site is built to allow suitable domain names to be used. Once a site is built SEO needs to be considered on an on going basis to allow it to be adjusted to what is effective for any given company.

The following are all elements of SEO which need to be considered:

  • Business and market analysis - correct targeting is addressed (no point in targeting blue widget bayers if you sell red widgets)
  • Keyword research and development - to determine most appropriate for your business
  • Site building which is search engine friendly and helps search spiders to find content in your site
  • Meta tagging which is search engine appropraite
  • Content addition which aids SEO
  • Site structure which is SEO optimised
  • Monitoring and review of SEO aspects and adjustment as required.

At 4success we consider  SEO as part of new sites automatically and ensure it is appropriate for the product and service you offer. Any one can guarantee a good listing at google but if it is not appropriate for your business it is a waste of effort and time.

We can assist with SEO on existing sites and are happy to review and discuss you site SEO requirements with you.

You can also read a quick guide to SEO and review some of the success we have had with SEO clients here.


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