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Web sites activity statistics access.

4success supplies comprehensive web site stats reporting for each of it's hosted web sites. You can access these stats by entering your web site URL followed by /stats/ e.g. http://www.yourdomain.co.nz/stats/ enter userid and password as requested (if needed).

You will then have access to a control panel providing access to the following web stats information:

  1. AWstats Log Analyzer: a detailed reporting package providing comprehensive reports on visitor and server activity associated with your site.
  2. Webalizer log Analyzer: a simpler reporting package providing various reports related to visitor activity on your site.
  3. Web server Raw Access Logs: download the raw server logs associated with your site for local analysis and reporting, requires the use of suitable software to read and analysis the logs.
  4. Web server Error Logs: a report showing recent error logs - useful for locating pages visitors are trying to access but no longer exist.
If you have any questions regarding our web hosting stats please contact us .